Oil Price SKYROCKETS as World Cuts off Ties To RUSSIA (Bitcoin Fighting to Hold $39,000)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets …


  1. Explain how fantom will be fine if defi/farming ceases to exist on it? EVM chains become a dead art for that field. Will they go back to being a smart cities project? That has already failed miserably

  2. "we havent made a lower low since july" Mate i dont know which charts your looking at but it aint a bitcoin one, on EVERY time frame we have made a lower low including the novice TA's weekly chart.

  3. I may get shot for this but blocking citizens in Russia from crypto by coin base and other exchanges is exactly like flying jets into tower buildings full of people!! Would even say its worse because this will devastate the lives of way more people. Leaving thousands families with children to go hungry or worse. If these exchanges had the slightest level of decency they would understand this and tell the governments to go shove it!!

  4. freedom liberty back to why crypto was innovated, right on ben. cb is a POs and i am about to abonden them….we are creating the same shackles system…shady business complying with what put us in shackles before…this is so f…ckd..very sad all

  5. Ben the Biden administration’s foreign policy and domestic energy policy are the direct catalysts for the invasion of Ukraine and the rising gas prices in the U.S. you have to know this. I’m disappointed that you suggested otherwise.

  6. Holy crap James from Invest Answers has a MAJOR anti Cardano hardon. I used to respect him but at this point the guys so far up SOLs butt he’s lost

  7. Is Ben bought by World Economic Forum since he NEVER mentions CBDC and always pushing XRP…. That is freakin scary and something that people should think about…

  8. Will the crypto market ever go back up to a new ATH after regulation this week if it crashes the whole market?

  9. I’ LOVE the changes y’all have made.
    You’re more of a “people channel” now.
    In the past I just felt like it was all about your shirts, how much you’ve made, your new vehicles, houses.
    We’re happy you’ve done well, really we all hope to be 1/2 as successful at best, thank you for keeping your feet on the ground even if your heads in the air.

  10. It's an infura issue, not really a metamask issue. Metamask uses Infura to connect to Ethereum > Infura follows US sanctions and blocks a country > Metamask by default blocks a country because Infura blocked the country. And users can choose to use a different client than Infura if they're willing to put in the work.

  11. A lot of russians supported regime and voted for putler for many years and many of those support the regime now. But yeah they are all innocent after 20 years of voting for putler. Ben you are misinformed on this topic. And yes I'm against bans on CEX'es.

  12. We have to sanction them to put pressure on Putin to f off and stop this war. Come on man that drugged out brain can't be that bad

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