Today we will discuss Bitcoin & blockchain news as well as the top performing digital crypto assets. What’s happening to bitcoin?


  1. Crypto is only regulated if you don't get your own Bitcoin! The WAY TO DO THAT IS, the old-school way by downloading the crappy software and creating a huge password. On the other hand, if you buy through brokers and ETF's YES IT WILL BE REGULATED.

  2. I hate bitcoin and bitcoin must be destroyed… I hope that some altcoins will crush bitcoin domination soon. You billionaires corrupted crypto and bitcoin is your toy, with that toy you manipulate people and market… Every billionaire is enemy of the people and future of mankind.

  3. I think Bitcoin is not so weak to die. Many are worried about its price, but I don't see any reason to worry. I buy it at a discounted price on Bfx and just wait for growth.

  4. Get Benjamin Cowan and BCBacker on to have a chat (Not Around the Blockchain). Both have very thought out opinions. It would be cool to listen to them explain their theories to each other.

  5. Admit you were wrong. You gave us hard dates, predictions, and even guarantees and it was wrong. You called us stupid and told us to ignore the charts. Don't try to spin it. Own it.

  6. A little more downside lol We are in a 3 year crypto winter, headed back down to 9,000. You make the same mistake, in failing to sell, every cycle. This time you even called the top of the cycle (you had been consistently predicting between Halloween and Thanksgiving), and nevertheless, you still failed to follow your own prediction, and sell in November. Lol I know you have plenty of money anyway, but I feel bad for the millions of people, who follow you, and will watch all of their gains disappear, as you string them along, all the way back down to 9,000.

  7. Love your channel… Amazing year it's been. I watch your youtube channel regularly and today I noticed a few things, as a production designer for film Tv and Youtubers There are elements in your video need addressing. The amount of green in your background, it's either too bright or you are too close to it. Its washing out your colors, and the vibrance of the whole is a kin to looking thru a glass with muddy water. Lots of colors in your set, ashamed they are not very vibrant. As for you looking at your audience, the teleprompter should be under or over your primary camera or all of the cameras. moving your info screen closer to the center of your camera position as well so you don't look like you are bored with your audience. Again love your content and thank you… I'm in Hollywood, if you are local I can stop by.

  8. Do you ever talk about #HBAR or do you only shill what you are paid to shill, 2 billion transactions on Hedera in 28 months, ADA has only done 24 million in 4 years. i dont know why so many people follow you.. SO FAKE…

  9. England started football couple hundred years ago because they only use feet hence football. The entire world took football and made it their global sport. American starts a sport in the 1900s with mainly hands and a little bit of feet, an call it football and then call us soccer lol yet nobody watches American football outside of America. An still persistent that we got it wrong 200 years ago.. I love these guys lol your football should be called handfoot ball. 😅 anywho back to crypto

  10. BTCs market cap has to plateau at some point in the future. It’s likely then worth a few trillion and a stablecoin. That means coming up no more parabolic peaks just rolling humps and dips like 2021 saw. A more stable btc is coming but with less profit potential. My 2 cents

  11. Maybe retail investors are staying away from bitcoin is because of manipulation by institutional traders. Big players screwing the little guy is the norm in traditional markets, will it become the norm in crypto? Maybe the better play is to stay in smaller cap coins.

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