Tim Cook on the Future of the Internet, Crypto, Mental Health and More | DealBook Online Summit

What is the future of the internet? What innovations will make the next leap possible? What battles should we be willing to fight? Tim Cook, leader of the iconic …


  1. There is a lot of good content in this video, especially around inventory builds and risks to the auto market (invenotry, consumer credit specifically). Being one that traded/invested in 2000 I would caution that the comparisons to companies in that time period is not broad enough. All companies in the Nasdaq were hammered and the great profitable innovators of that time were not spared. AAPL, MSFT, QCOM, CSCO, ORCL were all down 85% or more from their peaks….and AOL = LOL. So as much as the growth companies of today maybe the next AAPL they too can decline much more before this sell off is done.

  2. ☠BLACK BARON☠ Can we optimise the subject "Launch Services" and "Disk Permissions" in OS X Catalina. WLAN and sync over Airport WLANs has become so utterly unstable over the past years after OS X and another OS X and another OS X … now rocks after lots of cats.

  3. Tim Cook should really think about the left wing woke mob that is taking over his company which you can clearly see through the toxic diversity in apple presentations where women are presenting tech …

  4. The interview is the perfect example of legacy media attacking social media. Legacy media wants to deliver news the way they like to deliver ( just like this interview). But with social media, people get the news directly (by following on twitter or instagram) – legacy media lost its power. Again social media is free. You use it if you like it. nobody is forced. Only legacy media can call a product harmful, mental health, bla bla bla.. for 10% of the ppl (using unknown data sources)… Doesn't that mean it benefits 90% ?
    Just imagine crossing a 2 year pandemic stuck within our homes without social media. Only god knows what legacy media must have sown on our minds.

    Great talk by Tim Cook though…

  5. Enjoying this great interview Andrew, quite interesting questions and wise responses of Tim Cook on several subjects of innovation, mental health, crypto’s. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. One of the best content I've seen! Crypto is the best though I don't self trade but I still make profit with the help of my broker till I'm sure I can start self trading

  7. Sir, just a suggestion, if you are going to donate for the people affected by typhoon Odette in the Philippines, I suggest you give it directly to the people and not on the office of the vice president. We still remember what happened to the donations received during typhoon Yolanda. People barely received the donations of which if you give it first to OVP, they are the same person as Yolanda. Thanks and good day.

  8. The COVID stance will destroy this blind-run company. Death to corporations. Never apple product again, drop dead, you certainly don't look alive!

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