Ethereum And Solana All Time Highs! (Altcoin Rally Exploding)

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four …


  1. 🚀🌙
                    *. ✨
                          ゚* HOLD HOLD HOLD HOLD
                    。。 ⚡️
                。 ・✨

    ☁️☁️ ☁️                  🌔     ☁️
                ☁️ ☁️    🚀
       ☁️                *       ☁️
          ☁️     *
    🚀🚀🚀Lets go!

  3. I love what Shiba Inu did with my small investment. Let's go for the moon. I ALSO WANT TO RECOMMEND that they take a look at 🚀🚨Saitama😎🚀 it's going to go up like crazy he already ate a zero and keeps saying and they haven't even done anything they're about what they're about to do or the burning coins they're going to do or their event they have now in Las Vegas this very month It I just want to tell you that you have a lucky eye and let's go shiba

  4. Make sure to contact your US Congress and Senators, state and Federal. They work for us, we don;'t work for them! Make sure they know we see them, and they need to keep crypto, stable coins, and wealth building open and free for everyone! Go Naomi!

  5. This is my first Crypto season. In that time I researched and bought and sold a lot of coins. I’ve got coins lost in wallets and made mistakes on exchanges losing money. I’ve researched the history of btc and made my first prediction, with great trepidation. Funnily I was expecting people to take massive offence but instead…silence. Silence can be good sometimes.

    What was your first prediction like?

    Love all the stuff you guys do.
    A boring amateur crypto dude.

  6. Guys this is great for crypto. This means we're growing as a space when Pomp and Ben got a back and forth. If you been in the space for years you'd appreciate this debate coming up.

  7. Υοu keep going on about Shiba, and l personally am getting tired of it so whenever l see Shiba on your video titles l won’t watch your video, because l have made good money from Shib and a pretty good amount from Doge. You’re beginning to sound like you’re trying to manipulate.

  8. it doesnt take much for some whale to wait for the bids on the book to total an amount they think is low enough and easy to fill all at once

    just t create a big green candle

    to dedicate sentiment

    retail is so naïve to the behind the scenes and players

  9. Another day. Another lame attempt to diss on Shiba Inu. I guess since XRP is the biggest bull shit since cows shitting, you have to diss on Shiba Inu.

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