Bloktopia Level One – The Home of Crypto

A walk around Bloktopia Level One built in the Unity Engine.


  1. The first game to make their gameplay like GTA wins the Metaverse IMO. This one might do it. They just have to add more ways to interact with the environment and things to do. Right now it just looks like a giant shopping mall. That's not gonna cut it. If Rockstar decided to announce a GTA metaverse, watch out.

  2. I wish I liked it more bcuz I want to buy in but – sad that it all looks so commercial and ad-filled like a mildly dystopian mall. Is this the reality we wish we had? The others are pretty ugly too, not saying sand or de are better – came here hoping to find something better.

  3. I can't wait to integrate my brand into the metaverse. Once mass adoption occurs this will be a massive new marketing opportunity for brands and create a fun, seamless, immersive, interactive way for consumers to shop and interact with brands

  4. I have a few questions. This is damn cool But i hope I can get my answers.

    1) How do I go into the bloktopia world? What equipments do i need? Oculus rift?
    2) I can't seem to find a way to register an account, how do i register an account?
    3) How do i purchase lots in bloktopia to open a store there?

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