Bitcoin WILL Replace The US Dollar!?! (Top Experts Weigh In)

On today’s show, we discuss whether or not Bitcoin will replace the US Dollar. Also what is up with the Chinese Smart Prisons.


  1. Regarding prisons, there are already some pretty high-tech ankle bracelets for house arrest, some even have communication capability. Going from that to finding a way to use blockchain just requires imagination and the right engineer/programmers.

  2. Yeah, cause I want to replace a devalued fiat dollar with first generation tech that has high fees and settles sloooooooooow.


    On that note, I’m having fun right now surfing the web on my Netscape browser!


  3. Bitcoin can’t be volatile once mainstream because whales won’t sell. The minute they hand it in the governments and other whales will buy it for any price. End game is forever hold because that’s in its DNA

  4. dollar devalued 20 percent and yall think that BTC going uo 1500 percent was realistically the equivalent ? lmao BTC top is in and BTC ETH ran up on the anticipation of inflation…altcoins will run as BTC funds rotate into alts.

  5. Good show. When it comes to the play to earn topic there most certainly is a big problem with money grabs and flat out scams. Iv found it hard to find games that will be worth staying in more than a couple weeks. Hopefully over time the majority of those will be weeded out and not just constantly dumping the game into irrelevance. But the state of the game market right now is pretty rough minus the big games coming out soon we will see how those go. It doesn't matter if you own your nfts if the game is dumped into oblivion lol

  6. Saying BTC will replace the dollar is naive and underestimates the power of the central bank financial system, the global banking system and the power that exists to keep these financial systems in place. Which countries currently do not employ a central banking model?

  7. As we all know, the price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates greatly, and it may be too early to judge whether the recent decline marks the beginning of a bull market reversal in 2021, or just a correction in the process of reaching a new all time high. One area of concern is that the decline has seen crypto assets fall out of their multi week upward channel, turning the technical outlook from positive to neutral. Although the long term growth of digital assets still looks strong, the short term correction has exacerbated market panic.

  8. Sorry but gamers do NOT like nft games or crypto games, crypto people do. Gamers just want good games. There really is not one good nft crypto game that is not more about making money playing a boring game, that people would choose to play in their leisure time.

  9. Currencies come and go (funny money) but metals will always pass the test of time (see history). I'm 90% in crypto right now, but I will never let go of my metals.

  10. I want to touch base on NFT gaming bit, as a 35 year old gamer who has been playing since age 2…this is THE best thing that could happen to gaming after what has already happened to the industry. Point in fact made though, these pyramid scheme games will definitely infect their way inside. They already have from what I'm seeing, but I still strongly believe in the fact that these in-game sales of owned items between players is what will cause a major evolution inside the gaming industry. In some cases, it's already happened, but it's not done yet. Not yet by far at all. We need to move more away from the money aspect, and go back to the skill aspect. True skill is what will make P2E games, and take that idea all the way through its path. A constant generated profit from your game is nice as long as it's good, but if it's "skill" you're buying, we're back to the rich only winning the money AND games.

  11. US government may not want it to happen but unless they bomb countries choosing to dumps USD they cannot stop it. Maybe the corrupt system can decide to “sanction” counties while they try to stomp out change in the rigged system?

  12. Replacement of usd by usdc amounts to no change because the printing of usd means more usdc available. Makes no sense to even ask the question. The usd will be replaced as PRIMARY currency but not fully replaced just as the basket of currency the WTO uses a basket of coins

  13. Replacement of USD is happening in other countries as citizens of other counties Use to quickly cash their checks and exchange it to USD to not lose buying power. Instead now they quickly going to convert to crypto to GAIN BIYING POWER. USD is being replaced as a hedge against inflation in foreign countries and in 2022 this will be evident even for those who are ignorant

  14. Catherine Austin Fitts thinks BTC is a distraction while Blackrock buys up all real estate/resources.
    I just can't see how she would be correct since BTC is capped & trades globally.

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