Bitcoin & Ethereum Going Parabolic (Polkadot Leading Market)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets …


  1. I predict Polkadot to overtake BNB and catch up to ADA in market cap within the month. Say what you want about Polkadot, but it’s an extremely fast relay chain that has in my opinion, the highest quality of projects launching on it. Blockchains are nothing without quality projects and adoption. The quality of the projects launching on DOT is higher in my opinion that the quality of the projects I’m seeing being launched on ADA.

  2. Strange things happen , xrp is kept below 1 euro for a while, btc shrinks back if xrp follows above 1 euro… I have been following this weird finomeen for few days now

  3. Thanks for the review

    I consider altcoin and NFT to be the most promising investments. Polkadot is really an unknown currency for me. But I think one of these days I will prepare usdt to buy a couple of coins

  4. Why is nobody talking about Cryptocurrency at this moment?It's on bull run and alot of people are definitely going to miss out on that just like the last time.

  5. Ben, getting tired of all your lies, all your insider info is fake and u always got some excuses, stop blowing wind its starting to stink.

  6. My coin base account was under review? Please help me out😔😔
    I put my Name & adress exact but it says write legal name🙄🙄 U cant add post adress🙄 …

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