Bitcoin ETF's Launching In FULL FORCE (Most Influential Price Variable Realized)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets …


  1. Ben is starting to annoy me. You said bitcoin will top in September now you acting like you said something else. You a sell out.

  2. Every family has a person who breaks the chain of poverty. I want us to be that person!"

    I saw the hope of breaking the poverty chain. In two and a half years, I made $300,000 with $200.

    Others were greedy and I was fearful, others were fearful and I was greedy.

  3. Predictions are very hard to get right. They can be good from a specific point of time but things change. Looks at HEX founder. I would stay away from making predictions. Else you might look like a fool when it doesn't turn out to be right

  4. Would love to see a video about the staff at bitboy crypto. Would also love a video about bitboy's story, what his previous job was when he decided to quit and go all in on crypto. I love hearing people's stories, what they've been through, what they've overcome, and how they got to where they are. It's super inspiring to me.

  5. bitboy being so sure we are going to top at 100k is starting to seem like manipulation to me…. kinda like thats what the elites want us to think. so we all cash out, and never get chance to buy btc at a good price again

  6. As far as Im aware of “Smash the like!” Was first heard by Peter Saddington on Decentralized TV YT channel back in early 2017. I was part of his original OG group.
    If someone has information about smashing the like button before early 2017, please correct me.
    I remember we had numerous conversations with Peter about how he was the first to come up with “smash the like” and shortly after other OG crypto YTubers adopted the phrase.

    Ivan on Tech was an early adopter of “Smash the Like”.

  7. I don't trust your top out for BTC nothing to back it up. Others are following different models and to each their own. I think BTC will end up between 100-200k

  8. The code is aimed to be ready for the ETH merge by Feb. '22 but they're not planning to deploy it to mainnet and actually have a merge until at least June-July best-case. It's important to have your facts straight and not give out bad information to the people who follow the channel.

  9. i like BitBoy, but at this point i just listen for the news and entertainment. As far as his predictions go , hes been doing pretty bad. Did he just extend his predicted end of the bull market like 3 months???

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