Bitcoin Bears Fading FAST (Crypto Charts Are Still Pumping)

Matty B returns just before your Thanksgiving celebration to give you the latest on Bitcoin’s price action! While we’re still in bear …


  1. As a strong advocate of XRP and all things related I'm very surprised you have not made a video on casino coin on the xrp ledger. Impressive project with huge potential.

  2. Can you please let us know if Multiverse is a good coin to invest in? They have partnered with Samsung and Im tempted to invest big portion of my savings. Thank you so much

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  4. We’re playing the same game as our, psychopathic elected ________? Never can figure out that last word, thanks if anyone knows.

  5. Nobody knows.
    So you can be wrong or wright.
    When xrp will take over btc the bitcoin maxi they will cry.
    Bitcoin will never be implemented as a payment method by banks but xrp yes.
    Banks are just investors in btc they will sell immediately all btc when market is crashing.

  6. F#M7 damn it! I'm pretty new I cant get my head around all the institutional and whales buying up crypto and BTC not going up? I remain bullish but I'm a I'm just a fool, a fool in lobe wit you…. F#M7

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