Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Going CRAZY (Historic Crypto Gains TODAY!)

We hope you had a productive weekend, because Bitcoin sure did! Not content with settling in at $60K, the top coin pumped itself …


  1. "Aaron Choi" said it that the number one ranked cryptocurrency by market cap would set another major milestone, and proven to the market that the bull cycle isn’t yet finished. To think that i almost doubted him but here it is, He also made it clear that the April 2021 “top” was nothing more than a mid-cycle pullback before the coin reached its final destination target closer to $100,000 or higher. I been using his price patterns and chart courses through for my trading sessions. A Pseudonym Trade Analyst he is who speculate Cryptocurrencies, NFT, ETF taking over traditional market in the nearest future regardless of Government influences to override it.

  2. Weather I’m getting off from my night shift at the hospital or tonight and every morning listening to this segment is so certain and enjoyable with my coffee. Thank you batboy crypto for this segment !

  3. If you can can you look into the fundamentals of this Pinyo Inu coin? Meme coin but creating a game and proceeds go to the florida coral restoration foundation… i see something here. No need to mention if you think it’s rubbish but i’ve done a dive and it looks like a 500x or 1000x to get to marketcap of shiba. Coin telegraph mentioned it the other day too i think. Thanks

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