$560k Bitcoin COMING (Top Analyst Reveals ALL!)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, crypto CEO’s hearing with Congress, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a …


    Stay on the real crypto, do not loose your way into nft and meta verse and other stupid things.
    We need someone who can guide us in the reakl world.
    personally I live in a villa on the beach in the Phillipines.
    i do not feel any need to put on any other mask than my diving mask.
    Actually I feel that all you youtube influencer are loosing your way.
    Personally I need someone serious, someone that know there is a real economy.
    If you think people in africa, europe, asia or whatever, will sit around woth facemasks and think they are in New York,
    It is hillarious.
    Rune F
    Master in computer science

  2. Gave it a thumbs down. The click bait titles are getting outrageous. Whats worse is that Bitboy start losing credibility. With that title he is no better than the million others doing that same crap….
    But well done on the numbers, if thats what matters to you

  3. Hey remember these are the months we are going to get rich( altcoin season) Bitcoin to a 100,000 it seems like the more adoption the further it goes down..
    It's dropping as I speak

  4. Reading all these posts on the video.. you people have no idea. Why bother commenting? Why are you all so dumb? Do you actually listen to what is said? If you think Ben’s wrong or is not telling the truth or flip flops from one opinion to another don’t watch the vid! I have gain the most information from Ben’s videos and the people that he collaborates with then anyone else. Most of you don’t seem to have even a peanut between your ears compared to Ben… keep up the good work Ben & Co

  5. So much negativity in these comments, obviously nothing is guaranteed in this game and in life in general , Bitboy is the only genuine Youtuber I know and actually made me Monday so I trust everything he says , just bought more ETH

  6. What is the opposite of FUD? I feel BB hyped BTC and ADA day after day but we never see it going the direction predicted.

    Show me BTC get over $60k again and then I’ll think about $100k let alone $560k. Meanwhile ADA, down this quarter and still waiting on the gains.

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