Watch What Happens In The Crypto Capital (Look For Hot Crypto Projects Here)

Dubai is ringing in the new year by becoming one of the hottest spots for crypto across the globe. In this video, I show you the …


  1. It’s D.L.T. , Brotha Ben. It’s why RippleNet is going to win majority market share when the switch is flipped. The more participants in the network, the better the system works👊

  2. Crypto gains have woken people up to the fact that they aren't trees and can 'go where they are treated best' (thanks Nomad Capitalist). If Grubberments don't wake up to the fact that they are public SERVANTS, and service their public (CUSTOMERS) effectively, like any other customers getting bad or less desirable service (treatment), they will go where they are treated best.

  3. These videos are "SO STALE" …. NEED TO STOP READING CARDS amd come off the top for some ACTUAL REALSIM AND ACTUAL INTEREST. These "Look into the camera and read something wrote for u" is so YESTERDAY…….get with the times or Die…just saying, its not just me

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