This Token UPGRADES All Crypto (Mass Adoption Blockchain)

Nervos is leading the way for innovation in the blockchain technology space. It’s changing the way those in crypto tackle scaling …


  1. Nervos ckb is backed by China, thats huge thing which is under the radar, and China wouldnt support if it hasnt promising future for sure, amazing technology, its sleepin giant

  2. This guy has to be making a shit ton of money off of crypto, and off all of you watching. Have you noticed the coins he talks about pump after his videos? Market manipulation 101

  3. Why is it that axie infinity games has a market cap of 5 billion and the price is $80. But gala games has market cap of 3 billion and price of $0.50 cent. Why the huge difference in price but not market cap?

  4. He didnt touch the point that the Token is a store of value on their Blockchain and developers need to lock ckb equal to the amount of Storage they gonna use for Developing dApps etc. Kinda genius usecase in my opinion.

  5. Just asked you for a CKB vid the other day, lol. Don't care it's sponsored or not, it got the attention it deserved. Well covered Ben, thx & cheers! 🙏🍻

    Important notice:
    CKB is a long term investment of 3-5 years at least. Personally gonna hodl this till 2030 or so. You can stake it in the Neuron Wallet, developed by Nervos itself.

  6. Not many know about ckb suddenly everyone talking about in comments, typically, what normally happens when they buy a sponsored spot in a video, Dev team tolls comment section talking good about there own token 🤣

  7. Shiryo inu is the next shiba inu. Great doxxed devs, certik audited, 34k holders in just 5 weeks, with nft card game, nft avatar and staking 🙂

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