Is This A Bear Market? (Bitcoin Dump Fuels Highest Fear Rating) | BitBoy Crypto

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  1. Anybody else feel like they’re being led off a cliff with these guys? And that when the bear market comes on morning the will just say “that came out of no where” or “there was no blow off top”

  2. Bitcoin is a Ponzi I don't think it will survive another 5 years. If you want to make money on bitcoin go day trading, follow the daily price and make money. Stop believing anything from all the bitcoin fake propaganda that’s claiming it’s going to a million. Al Salvador’s people now say they don’t want this bitcoin shit? They can’t be paid in something and tomorrow that something lost 20% of its value, “THAT IS NOT A STORE OF VALUE AS SAYLOR CLAIMS.” Bitcoin will never be used by any country; it will never be accepted by any of the big billionaires.

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