Is Litecoin Better Than Ethereum? (Top Altcoins Go To Battle)

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  1. I am looking into Tom's sunglasses to see if I can see the reflection through the reflection to see what is behind him! Are those glasses real?

  2. Now I can't get over Tom Crown's background after that comment asking about it! lol I am analyzing whether it is real or not… hahaha

  3. once btc is 300k and by then the growth in btc is much slower…yeah, i think ltc will increase a lot more and attract attention (5k or 10k)

  4. good point about the chinese companies in control regardless of being in kazakhstan, etc

    but in the long term (5 to 10 years in the future), those chinese companies will probably become more localised and native, so it will have less to do with china

  5. Litecoin was one of the 1st coins to have a community of people that pushed it. They pushed it so hard that now it’s really not cancellable. It’s on every exchange, and many of us use it for the cheap transfers

  6. If Litecoin can do NFTs and DeFi with transaction fees that are only a fraction of a penny it could easily become a more used platform than Ethereum, it seems to me that Ben is worried about this because his ETH bag is large.

  7. If you can't see the value of LTC, you do not understand the technology.
    BTC and LTC are like batteries.
    BTC is lead acid, LTC is Lithium-Ion.

  8. litecoin is actually the only crypto that ive purchased a physical item with, maybe that has something to do with the wallets. people are actually buying real things with it

  9. #litecoin has been around for 10 years with 100% reliability. It is fast and cheap to use. Best of all it is avaliable on every exchange atms credit cards and online payment.

    The reason it is not over 1000 right now is insane!

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