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  1. Watching the government operate is like watching watching a 5 year old make art 😭

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  3. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  4. Your a great dude still waiting to talk about that idea it’s about information business I’ll tell u in private

  5. My opinion it adds up if you take how you personally feel about him Matt love for Elon don’t let that get in the way of your guys romantic relationship lol kidding but uno what I mean

  6. I’m dead serious your boy Elon is secretly trying to destroy cryoto just watch what he does and says he plays people do they have no clue he’s the best hustler

  7. Republicans do not want cryoto it’s easy drms want to profit off them so a way dems get their way they give the trumps permission to come in steal and try to destroy that’s all it’s about

  8. The free market ruled during the Guilded Age. It was a disaster.
    Both gov and corporations need to be held accountable. Both are necessary evils somewhat.
    Most of our debt is held by US itself, and it’s citizens.
    Some to other countries ofc

  9. Thank you Matt I love messing with you but you are good give you that please read Hokk tell me what you think of their whitepaper please thank u for your time I know it’s valuable I just think it’s perfect for Amazon and it’s the very beginning of something big thanks Matt

  10. I think it’s crazy that I have to work my butt off for my money then the government taxes it and then I decide to take all the risk investing it and then if I do make a little bit of money then government gets to taxe me again shit is messed up I’m im getting real sick of our government thinking that they own us,

  11. It's how this government works😂you don't like it move, I see it as a safety net against rich people. Now the thing that really bugs me is that they let some get away with not paying shit like elon musk and bazos. I'll take that cost😂if it means getting my $1000 a month😂for the next 8 months😁😉tax them plz tax them all and give me my stimulus check😊. Everyone saw this coming unless you're stupid then you didn't see it coming, opps sorry I guess this for eye is stupid😁

  12. Not a fan of gov't either however taxing Crypto will ensure its here to stay and gov't will SUPPORT Crypto so they can get thier greasy little hands on the tax revenue from Crypto…so it's a bitter sweet …. I hear Reddit is going to pump DOGE in 6-8 weeks up to $1.50 er coin…..anyone hear of this as well ?

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