Huge Ethereum Pump Kills Resistance (Giant Break Out Firing Up)

Today we’ll be discussing Ethereum gas being too dang high!. Also there has just been the largest Bitcoin mining purchase ever!


  1. I get Bitcoin has survived years but i think bitcoin is becoming a shitcoin when it comes to use case. I don't see it hitting 6 figures because of the proof of work and the transaction speeds.

  2. I think it’s all gonna go then crash. That crash will be the last time to buy and then out of no where, it will completely skyrocket. I believe that crash will be between EOY. For the average mini investor, I think 2022-2023 will be WILD!

  3. If you record two or more shows a day you need something different. And Deezy is different (from Ben and TJ), in a good, positive way. I like him moderating the ATB.

  4. Eth "competitors" might be fun now, but we all know how they collapsed and never recovered last cycle. This cycle is no different. Polygon was smart integrating with eth.

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