EMERGENCY!!! Bitcoin Rejected at $50k (Why I'm NOT Worried)

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  1. I remember starting my first Investment with 100k which I'd saved in the bank . It was a risk I took but there is "no gain without pain". After 7 years I made a $1m ROI. I am planning my retirement which will happen next year February, totally debt free and I'm glad to have secured a good life for my kids. The two things I've learnt when it comes to investing:
    1.Don't let anyone stop you from trying.
    2. Try it no matter the outcome.

  2. Getting tired of all these so called experts ( non-financial advice ) claiming they are so brilliant and correct – however they have all been wrong so far …… bitboy is just becoming like everyone else, read the news and play an angle to the masses.

  3. As medical doctor I never believed in stock market neither have I ever thought of investing on crypto as a result of numerous negative complaint from people. Then a colleague of mine introduced me to a professional investor and

  4. $150,000 NFT crypto punk that dose absolutely nothing is worth absolutely nothing it doesn't even look good. what a joke and the joke is on them. must be a tax deduction thing. haha

  5. 23:42 Wtf is that about? Is this sarcasm? You would think that someone that deep into crypto should know that token price doesnt indicate anything and the flying mini unicorn baby doge being flown by a baby yoda stupid shit coin isnt worth anything. Seriously wtf

  6. Big institutions have a lot of legacy. They cant just add crypto into their infrastructure, they have to make a lot of changes, infrastructure, risk management, loads of changes .Some will have to set up seperate entities that will hold cryptos so their other assets are protected in case of a crash or sudden regulatory action. Its not ego. Big institutions have to do with loads of regulatory stuff. Within most big banks and institutional investors its not the business side that decides its the compliance department that decides what can or can not be done. Getting proper risk management systems in place is a big effort and costs loads of money, adding a new asset class within their regulatory framework takes time…….its not ego

  7. We got taught finance at school when we were 12-16 in Cyprus we learned about balance sheets profit and loss inflation and quite a lot of other financial stuff ( we I proceeded to forget and re learn ) :p in very surprised that we were taught that seeing that in other countries they don’t teach that ..

  8. Wow the ATH rapid fire question just proves how un-polished the newbee's are at watching monthly bull month chart estimates on the ladder climbing period, that ish will start tomorrow and hit ATH by Sept 3rd, ATH prediction you heard it here from Locstradaumus!!!!
    I'm gonna then buy a small city and name it All Time High, then start a team and we will be the ATH Falcon's!!!

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