Elon Musk Reveals INSANE Dogecoin Mars Plan ⚠️

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  1. hahaha some astrologer woman says Mars colonization will happen but after a few generations, there's a massive explosion that wipes everyone out. LOL in the mean time, dogecoin to the moooooonnnn

  2. Sounds like you are not in the loop bro lol doge coin the currency?? No that why we have us, ELON not doge … So buying with dog money is elon the interplanetary homie

  3. Can somebody explain why Elon Musk argues against inflationary printing of the USD, while in the same breath supports Dogecoin that is inflationary by its very nature? Roughly up to 5 billion in new Dogecoins will hit the supply every year.

  4. 🔥 D o g e d a s h 🔥
    Tv commercial for xmas, music record label deal to use music for p2e game that launches on the 15th of dec. Banners/billboards from L.A. , NewYork, to Tokyo! Future metaverse/3d games next year, nickelodeon cartoon series show in the future..why this huge marketing, just look up who the ceo is..he has the biggest connects since he works with big artists, celebrities, mtv etc 2022 it will be huge 🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀

  5. China owns bitcoin, the largest miners were from there , until they recently they moved them. They probably invented bitcoin. For that reason , Bitcoin will fall very fast very soon, no matter how much they pump into it. Get ready, its coming. The USA dollar has to remain as the global currency and stay nice and safe with OPEC. It has too. Here is your choice, China or the USA to rule the world. Be careful who you trust on social media.

  6. U should’ve never hated on $SHIB & should’ve showed both coins love. Not just 1. You make people realize a lot of Dogecoin holders only want to see themselves eat & no one else. $SHIB & $DOGE to the moon & Mars.

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