Easy & Profitable Trading Strategy For Beginners (Forex, Stocks and Crypto)

In today’s video, I want to share an easy and profitable Forex Trading Strategy that I came across years ago when I first became a professional trader. This forex …


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  2. Hi steve you're the best tutor on youtube to me. keep up with your good attitude and hard work to uplift beginner traders… TTC really helped me a lot. Thank you for helping a beginner like me and more out there. A big thanks to you

  3. As always amazing content! Thanks for sharing. One question for you, do you only trade BTC and ETH in crypto? And if so, is that because of the big Market Cap compared to others?

  4. Hi Steven. I know you don’t answer on the comments very often however I have been watching many of your videos and tutorials (very impactful btw) and am wondering if all of your strategies are for all markets? Stocks in particular. I understand if you don’t reply but in future videos could you please specify? Thanks very much in advance.

  5. Hello I have a question for all Forex traders. I would like to know if you placed a order for 50,000 SL size how long would it take to fill and how much would it affect the price if any?

  6. The thing is, there are lots of solutions where you put USD or USDT in a pool and lock it for a period of time, let someone else (way more competent) trade for you. Rates can be insane and payed out daily and with minimal risk. The problem for people like me is to get the initial capital. Dunno. Thanks for the content!

  7. reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as incomes in investments even in this crazy days in the market, any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earning? would appreciate

  8. 1st Congratulation on moving from 13th best education youtube channel to 9th. I think your video are the easiest and best to follow. I have got so much from you video, back testing and your strategies are so good. I went live today & already have had 2 gains following your advice. I know I will get loses. Keep up the great videos.

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