Dogecoin SUSPENDED 🚨 Shiba Inu Coin Take Over Attempt ⚠️

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  2. It’s BSC chain problem. Becareful. If BTC crash, you won’t be able to sell and you will lose so much. I hope that Binance won’t rug us.

  3. Man you’re the worst person ever your predictions are horrible. People will make more money opening a savings account then the stupid coin. LOL

  4. Its not just dodge coin all coins the have really low transaction fees like XRP XLM VET so on and on they want to take more money from us with highest transaction feel for all other coins no one takes out for their cost to send

  5. Is it true? I see people talking about the Secret  SHIBA INU Dev team has 2 individuals that are convicted Felons, Racketeering Charges and Prison time served.

  6. Don't let the wells get your shers hold I messed up and lost 700 shers because I fell for it last time this time I baut the dip and never have ben happier I gained back my 700 hundred shers. Stey stong

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