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  1. ❇️❇️Crypto market is becoming more appealing to investors seeking low-correlation assets that diversify portfolios, with no doubt in mind that we are going bull with little signs of stoppn. I'd say it's outrightly wrong to just sit back hodl and wait maybe incur some losses along the line, that's a wrong mindset for an investor because as an investor finding ways to always increase and stack up more coins thereby making prof! Ts should be the way of life, even experienced traders are in a doubt to take long or short position, The conditions of this bull market are unlike anything we have ever seen. I got this tips first hand from Bryan Welsh, he is always a step ahead of other traders, he fully monitored all my trades to avoid me making mistakes and losing my money. My earnings has increased drastically from 2.1Bitcoin to 6. 7Bitcoin in just 2 months and 2 weeks. I've got full confidence in he's tradn abilities. Bryan can be reached on 🆃🅴🅻🅴🅶🆁🅼 @ [@welsh_trades] on how to trade profitably ❇️❇️

  2. let me plug you into the right information and don't rely on signals get back to me and il plug you to the right information to invest into crypto currencies text me 337 414 4080. send me a fire emoji

  3. I have a problem with going through a bank and link it to the platform I purchase dogecoin from. How do we put all of the money without the banks being involved?

  4. He sounds like the fastest talker in the world.
    Wow, what a motor mouth.
    You seem so excited, I'm all in , Doge is our Coin. Make Me The Winner, I've never Won Anything. You can Start my Trend. WOW

  5. WeBull gives only free stocks to U.S. Citizens. If you are not a U.S. Citizen you obviously won't get any stocks. Strange how all the uploaders who provide a link in the description, forget to mention that in their videos. Strange case indeed !!

  6. Why are you not pro xrp? It is top 4 and has a huge amount of potential and it’s going public. I’m new to this whole thing. So I keep a student mind. So please enlighten me on your position on xrp. Thank you and I love the videos. Keep them coming!

  7. It’s impossible to get 100% likes. I always like your vids, but also watch them from other devices which aren’t logged in
    Also, I go to JB Hi-Fi & just play random playlists from your channel 🤣❤️🚀

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