Bitcoin's WORST Month Ever (Urgent Warning For September)

Today we’ll be discussing an urgent warning for Bitcoin this September. We’ll cover crypto market updates and predictions.


  1. CryptoWendy sounds like a politically correct mooooooroooon when she rants about how everyone is the same and no one way is better than another like REALLY? THERE ARE ALWAYS inferior cultures in the sense of animal rights, women's rights or gay rights or citizen rights. Communism is FAR worse than modern democracy even though the latter isn't perfect and Islam theocratic countries are heinous for women and modern culture has a huge blind spot when it comes to factory farming and mass production of sentient beings that is morally more abhorrent than anything that ever happened on earth in terms of scale. Watch DOMINION and see if you are going to be screeching about every way of living is equal .

  2. Pretty clear that you all don’t really understand what the lightening network could do, and Gareth a supposed “expert” not really knowing much about it is embarrassing. This narrative that no one wants to spend their Bitcoin is a little narrow sighted based on today’s behaviour. If everything’s going up no one wants to spend anything, and with Bitcoin eventually having a market cap that limits volatility, does that not encourage btc to be the ideal candidate for payments? Gareth maybe needs to invest the same amount of time researching as he does on computer screens.

  3. According to Altcoin Daily's Invester Scale I don't even qualify as a 🦐. I'm more like a Plankton! 😅😂🤣 Well for BTC and ETH at least. 😅

  4. Very interesting video, thanks.
    I'm with Ben here: green September and not a good Q4 for BTC.
    2021 is proving to be different than the previous years in many ways.

  5. Every time I watch this channel you all are complaining about “Bitcoin maximalist.” Like every time. What makes you different from them except that you have opposing views? Too much negative energy

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