BITCOIN BULLS RELEASED! Finally!!! (Best Crypto Scenario Plays Out)

The bitcoin bulls are back! On today’s show, we will be discussing why are the markets pumping? Is this short term gains or is the …


  1. Really? Well tell them to start buying if they are released. Cause 1 day later wenare still getting lower highs and lower lows. Looks mors like bulls and still running……running away from cypto

  2. Will BTC go up or down?
    not 1 person alive today knows that answer with any credibility

    Buy Low and Sell High
    I don't trade BTC since it's a hollow coin – it has no intrinsic value at all
    and the reason the 1st BTC trade was for 10,000 BTC for $41 worth of pizza
    nothing has changed

    But if I were trading BTC I'l be long at the 10% correction and 20% correction and the 30% correction
    and looking for the 40% correction to buy more
    and of course to take profits when each goes up 10%

    so it doesn't matter what the taking monkeys are saying – just Buy Low and Sell High
    and you will make money in any investment

    and don't forget EVERY stock/crypto price chart shows you what the stupid investors were doing
    they were buying at $69,000 and selling as price falls
    do the opposite of what the talking monkeys scream

  3. “We have given you a narrative on this channel for 6 months now and none of it has come true” 😂 The Fed plans 3 quarter point rate hikes in 2022. That won’t be anywhere close to enough to get us to deflation next year. Based on the Eurodollar futures curve inversion I do believe deflation is coming but no where close to his or his sources timelines. Mr.X has gone radio silent and wrong since August.

  4. Recovery bounce up from hard downtrend due to fed reserve announcement today. Market still at risk like wendy o said. Ada is over 50% below ATH; atom is 1/2 of usd price from 3 months ago ..

  5. Surprisingly, Ben is 100% right. Deflation = lower inflation relative to the current rate. Normal inflation = 2% or less. Money printing has a small roll in inflation but the bigger factor is the actual supply of RESOURCES. The money supply only affects prices if it is actually circulating and people are willing to pay. When resource scarcity increases of products themselves their prices rise rapidly which is what has been happening. The feds increase in interest rates and tapering of the total funding will only affect the part of the circulating money……. = lower liquidity. There’s more margin now than ever in the stock markets because of zero interest rates….. once rates rise Bitcoin will be the first thing to get liquidity drained from it or at minimum much lower inflows. Super bearish for Bitcoin.

  6. Let's change that since everybody is so freaking right about everything and made me zero money. I made more money myself than anything I've followed on this channel still I follow it out of respect for all the hard work you put forth. I recommended people to your channel and they've even paid for your services and yet what do I get out of it a shaft and another shaft and another shaft. It's okay I wouldn't care about such a worthless human being as myself is that is what I am deemed by others and they're lack there for of caring when I have reached out.

  7. Greedy people is what I'm surrounded by people that don't want to see others built up people that don't want to see others grow people that don't want to help those that are at the bottom get anywhere.

  8. I love everyone so much it has been seen in my actions in life doesn't mean I'm perfect and does mean I have made mistakes yet I still have given so many other people the benefit of the doubt there is no more doubts!

  9. This will be my last comment because I'm tired of being ignored soon I will not be ignored anymore. I will move forward! With or without others help. Ask for help from others I received none!😔😔😔ℹ️

  10. Does anyone ever wonder about, why these podcasts exist ?
    If anybody was that good at trading – crypto-stocks – nfts- anything
    They wouldn’t need a podcast and sure as heck wouldn’t care if you knew anything about it
    They’d just have millions and spend their time trading not recording their face .
    Podcasts pay nothing compared to what a brilliant trader could make
    This guy can’t make himself rich how is he gonna make you rich ?
    Like a fat personal trainer telling you how to work out ?

    He read all the books just can’t get it don’t himself right ?

    Take his crap with a grain of salt

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