Vitalik Buterin Dogecoin ABOUT TO CHANGE THE GAME ⚠️

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  2. stop talking about bullish bullish is not bullish inflation is super high and stop with that if you are not advisor stop this chanell keep your opinion for yourself ppl are losing a lot of money
    listening to you inflation is supe ultra high ppl are scared bcz they even cannot pay rent

  3. I am done man, you could have done better. At least discuss what the advantages and disadvantages of dogecoin is going through. Apparently you are making money out of it using us or are getting paid for such a thing to say. Plus those fake A** comments. Today and after losing have of my investment, i am pulling out my 30000 dogecoin. I recommend everyone to leave this foolish Channel

  4. Matt, you gotta educate community on things like metamask, NFT, uniswap, defi and more. I noticed majority have no clue about what in our community and will be missing out big time 😕

  5. Wasn't Musk just selling to show commitment to help Space X…????
    (Obviously to help fund Space X if needed…doesn't look like it's needed!!!!!!)
    If all is well with Space X ✨ and lots more huge contracts have come in, wouldn't that mean the whole point is already covered????
    The man isn't a bachelor….he's a married man with 5 kids, right?

    I was glad for him to simplify, but it would probably be healthier to keep a couple of big houses 🏘 so he can work different sites and his kids can be nearby.

  6. Why is nobody talking about Cryptocurrency at this moment?It's on bull run and alot of people are definitely going to miss out on that just like the last time.

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