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  1. Ehhh a lot of ordinary working class people have bought in to crypto including me. And the government doesn’t want people to not work so they’ll probably destroy crypto.
    Plan B Buy a small RV or van and live in it. Probably a van because the government will try to hurt people who live in RVs

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  4. Nice video 👍successful people don't become victorious overnight. What most people see as a glance wealth, a great career purpose is the results of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone reading this will be successful in life.

  5. I cannot wait for the time when people stop being attracted to all the dumb ass pictures you and several other you tubers use on their posts. Mouths open, wide-eyed, fingers pointed. How juvenile.

  6. It is bittersweet seeing large companies buying into and adopting crypto, as it was partially the ridiculously risky actions banks and other organizations committed that came to a head 13 years ago that resulted in the creation of $Bitcoin. I'm proud to be a hodler of crypto in my Atomic Wallet

  7. Философия богатых и бедных такова: «богатые вкладывают свои деньги и тратят то, что осталось. Бедные тратят свои деньги и вкладывают то, что осталось».

  8. Sold all my Doge for SAITAMA token. Joining the Wolfpack is the best decision I've ever made!!! I've already doubled what I put in. Unlike Doge, SAITAMA is actually deflationary, plus you earn more tokens just by holding. I only need SAITAMA to drop 3 zeros, where as I would have needed Doge to reach $200 to earn that same ROI. it's pretty obvious which is more possible! SAITAMA actually has utility and catalysts as well with SAITA-MASK, SAITAMA BLOCKCHAIN, and future listings.

  9. I would love to see the marxist/democrats try to ban cryptocurrency. I'll bet they would take campaign contributions in cryptocurrency. 🤘😎🐶🚀🌜

  10. All these countries that are negative toward crypto are going to fall behind. Eventually they get in the boat but they'll be paying higher price for being late.

  11. doge x? i joined the discord and still have no idea what it is or how it relates to dogecoin? sorry to say this but it just looks like a cash grab

  12. hey matt… iran has power supply issues… in the capital city (tehran) the power cuts every day for 2 hours… in summer… and most of the bitcoin miners are for the governments… and they banned personal mining… most mining farms in iran are for givernment and chinese… because of this they put heavily fines for who mining personally…

  13. These analyses with different countries and their stances on the crypto market was the first time I’ve seen it put together in a clear and concise way. It would be nice to see some more of this in future videos. Keep up the good work 👍🏽

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