Tesla Dogecoin BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

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  2. Thanks for the video, We all have problems; the way we solve them is what makes us different, i pray anybody reading this God will solve all your problems….

  3. You do realize Shiba has passed Doge? These videos are hilarious to me. You don’t even see Pro the Doge making videos like this! He knows the truth, so what Elon Musk owns no Shiba, it’s still pumping, When Doge really gets hot make a video, until then have several seats.

  4. When is the new upgrade for Doge? ..you’re implying that once the upgrade occurs Elon will most likely accept it as payment ..which I agree with.

    Also sounds like Shiba will be to Doge what ETH is to BTC when it comes to trading pumps.

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