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  1. I've been here, liking and commenting on Final Stand videos and supporting for months now and my comments and messages posted in livestreams that aren't directly supportive or if I ask questions about Matt's thinking are being deleted instantly. What trash. Not cool.

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  3. Thanks for the video, We all have problems; the way we solve them is what makes us different, i pray anybody reading this God will solve all your problems.

  4. Doge is spiking 😂😂😂🤡. What a clown. Shiba is not a copycat. It has so much utility and doge has 0. Doge is a joke. There's no monumental gains to be made anymore and I hold 100k dogecoins😂 keep investing in a inflationary coin.

  5. So…. let’s recap for a sec.. Gobbin hood was supposed to release their “wallet” this month. 10 days left!!
    Personally, as I have been saying for a while, I dont believe that they ever will release a functioning wallet! It will cost them too much when people take their $$$$ off the goblin hood platform!
    Time will tell. But once a corrupt Russian oligarch, always a corrupt Russian oligarch !

  6. April/May tops for BTC and DOGE were 65k and $0.75. By EOY BTC will top 300k. At that time DOGE will be on its way to $3.75. These EOY peaks are 5x the April/May highs.

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