Cryptocurrencies SafeMoon and Solana both recently experienced growths on the crypto market as the overall value of cryptocurrency went through the roof, but rumor has it that HUH Token has given them a reason to move with caution. It is said that some of those behind SafeMoon and Solana have begun to worry and feel that the innovative features that HUH Token is claiming to have will have a major impact on the future of crypto.

Solana has been progressing well this year, building itself to look like a force to be reckoned with on the cryptocurrency market. As the value of cryptocurrency reached a CoinMarketCap of $2.75 trillion, Solana saw their CoinMarketCap value skyrocket. On the 21st of September Solana’s market value sat at $36.83 billion before climbing to $74.48 billion. An increase of almost $40 billion. The market price is often very volatile, it is never stable but it can sometimes stabilize and this is something Solana hopes for but HUH Token plans on throwing a few spanners in the works.

SafeMoon too experienced a bump in their fortunes as the price of crypto flew up. The success of SafeMoon has not been as substantial as that of Solana but it is still a growth to be impressed with. Between the 20th of April and the 18th of October, SafeMoon experienced a growth of 600% reaching a SafeMoon record-high of $6.03 billion. Such is the hostility of the market it wasn’t long before SafeMoon suffered a sharp decline, seeing its CoinMarketCap value drop to $3.82 billion on the 30th of October.

Between the 29th of September the 29th of October, SafeMoon experienced incredible growth of 461%. Data on Messari give evidence to prove that Solana has had an incredible rise of 15’000% this year. With both the Solana and SafeMoon cryptocurrencies experiencing such extraordinary levels of growth what need would they have to worry about newcomers HUH Token?

Cautious of HUH Nation

HUH Token is a new utimeme cryptocurrency (utimeme, the term coined combining utility and meme) set for release onto the open market this December. Crypto watchers have been keeping a close eye around the development of this project and wondering just how successful they will be. A cryptocurrency that slowly began leaking information of its existence and there seem to be numerous amounts of chatter coming to light about them.

HUH Token and its aptly named HUH Citizens are rumored to have caused Solana and SafeMoon to worry as they seem to be gathering a huge about of support behind the project. HUH Token states that it has a system that will allow its users to earn through two streams of income. BNB and Token. A unique and innovative factor that has had investors and supporters of HUH Token jumping for joy at the prospects.

With such things in play and with so much interest following behind HUH Token, Solana and SafeMoon would be right to keep one eye on the developments over at HUH Token.