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  1. Can u tell me what’s the team behind dogecoin ? 😆 ur such a clown dude stop fudding other communities when ur all in in dogecoin like u are lmao which could crash with 3 wallet selling

  2. Why won't there wallet come out? Or exchange? Your right rookie with billions of dollars to build with an there smart guys now hiring more experienced people.
    John is smart watch him an papa roll the wallet out.
    Everyone let's see is Matt right or wrong?? This is huge for you Matt walace.
    Maybe Matt's wrong.
    That would suxk man because I love ur channel but aafemoon will prob prov you wrong within the next 30 days.
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  3. Why are you jealous from other projects? Chill out man dogecoin is not the first will definitely not be the last successful project in Crypto world. Enjoy and let others have fun also

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  6. Last week, Warren Buffett talked in BBC News on how investors and traders can make millions.
    I saw that Same video in Graham Stephen and he recommended an executive called Mrs Jennifer Robert.
    Can I get a person who invested with her.

  7. Dogephamily sure could use a big ol tweet from the dogefather while he pumps iT. A few times leaving all the finger pushers behind in the dust🙏

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