NFT: The Hottest Crypto In Town

If you are a part of the crypto world, you have probably heard of NFTs. These pieces of blockchain technology are trending hard at the moment, and even big celebrities pay millions for them. Here is all you need to know about NFT, the hottest crypto in town!

There is always a new trend on the crypto market, and right now it is NFTs. These are quickly becoming a hotter topic than the popular bitcoins, and they sell for an incredible amount of money. But what exactly is an NFT, and why are these commodities so hyped?

NFT explained: Here is what it is! 
If you want to get an in-depth understanding of the topic, we highly recommend that you find a solid guide. Visit to find out everything you need to know about the NFTs – from what it is to how to buy it, why people invest in NFTs and what the pros and cons are. You can also learn about the best NFT marketplaces, which will be super valuable if you are considering buying.

Here, we will just give you the basics. So, let’s go: What is an NFT? “NFT” is short for Non-Fungible-Token. That means that it is a token that cannot be replaced in contrast to, for example, gold. Whereas gold is fungible, because every ounce will always be the same, NFTs cannot be replicated.

NFTs can be linked to different unique items, such as digital artworks, GIFs, songs, videos or even a screenshot of a Tweet. This uniqueness positions NFTs as something new, and even cool, in the cryptocurrency market. This is one of the reasons why NFTs are popular, which we shall explain further later on.

NFT: The Hottest Crypto in Town

How to use NTFs 
Now, you have an understanding of what NFTs are. But what do people use them for? Since NFTs are unique pieces of blockchain, they can be used to identify the holder as the owner of a specific item. In that way, they are used to validate true ownership of tangible as well as digital items (oftentimes digital art).

Why are NFTs so popular at the moment?
The popularity of the NFTs is closely linked with their uniqueness. An NFT will be sold at a high price – maybe even millions – if the item is desirable enough. Once you buy the item your ownership is verified, and you can proudly say that you are the true owner of, for example, an art piece. Go to if you want to know more about digital art as NFTs, and how incredibly expensive they can get.

You can compare NFTs to a signed book or a celebrity’s worn suit. You might be able to buy the same book and the same kind of suit, but it is their unique quality that makes them priceless in their value. It is this unique quality that makes people want to buy it.

In that sense, there is a certain sentiment to NFTs, that is much different from other kinds of cryptos. Just like their own unique quality, NFTs also represent a unique aspect of the market. This is probably one of the many reasons for the hype and popularity of the Non-Fungible Tokens.