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  1. Retirement came to me as a breeze when I took this bold step of looking into crypto as a newbie, now I own over 6btc. I was able to achieve that by following earningtrack recommendations.

  2. Wow I would sign up for such a beautiful view from my living room.

    Thanks for this informative video, if you are new to the crypto world, this is definitely valuable information.

    Best of luck to you in Dubai.

  3. The more BTC you stack, the more Sats your stack, the better it will be for your future.

    Don't lose sight of the revolution. Be a Bitcoin HODLER no matter what. be informed cryptocurrency is a movement hoop on the train already or regret later . it doesnt stop anytime soon , be involved ,

  4. pleassee please please please make a vid about Raven. It may be not as interesting for you but im dying to get to know your opinion

  5. Hi there. If you don't have any passive income there is no way to accumulate BTC. The majority of the people will survive from the gains from BTC, that's if they weren't too greedy, because they don't have any passive income. Not everyone owns numerous buildings. What would be your advice to those people?

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