Many investors are coming to Bitcoin and crypto as a hedge against inflation: Kraken

Jeremy Welch, chief product officer at global crypto exchange Kraken, discusses the recent surge in the price of bitcoin, following the successful launch of the …


  1. In my last update, I mentioned that BTC was fast approaching major resistance and to expect some type of pullback or weakness. Since then we have seen the initial phase of that weakness play out, for my trainees it was expected.

    ETH moved higher towards the key 4100-4500 resistance area in the 4-hour chart as expected also

    This could be the final stage of a higher degree wave C of a more significant daily correction, as we see a completed five-wave cycle.

    However, we don't see any significant decline to confirm the top yet, so the current wave structure could still be a part of the wave (4) that can retest the highs for wave (5) again.

    Critical support lies in the 3800-3400 zone, but any considerable decline below 3400 would indicate that bears are back.

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  10. There is NO history to support the insane idea that crypto products are a hedge against inflation.
    None, zip, zilch

    "Vegas" money is fine to use in the crypto market but using any other money is just insane.

  11. THE DUMPs without any explanation is a criminal activity by the exchanges to liquidate leverage traders, but hurts the technology and confidence. Exchanges need to be regulated! KRAKEN is the worst DUMP & Liquidate exchange

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