INSANE Bitcoin Movement Coming SOON (Bitcoin will OUTPERFORM Altcoins )

The pumps had to slow sometime, and with Bitcoin now beginning to retrace and retest, what does this mean for the rest of the year? Could we see some …


  1. dont follow or watch these 2 clickboys guys and ask them if they can predict btc now coz in jan they will exactly exactly, scam, shame

  2. I'm so glad Mr Concord Joe is getting popular now. I am still learning from him, he his very experienced and with accurate prediction. Really his hardwork speaks for him 👍🏻

  3. Better do one about its better to hold a 0.05 – 0.5btc on accout or maybe on beggining with crypto hold few thousends alts… Im saing do a move for Starting class with crypto with no money and not all the time saing how much u Got or how short or long btc when People dont have money… For even have 1 btc becouse if u dont know its around the world a loots of them. Just sugestion maybe more likly u will get more subscrybers gl.

  4. Carl, if you have the funds to buy a piece of Crypto history, you HAVE to go for it. Ben is right, even if it drops in the short term it WILL end up being a winner down the road…and if it didn't, so what. You still have a piece of history.

  5. ooo casi lorro dos genios en el mismo canal los sigo a los dos son geniops y si estas locoooo jajaja los nft son el futuro como los metaversos saludos

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