How To Invest Like The 1%

This is how to invest like the 1% – by borrowing against your assets. ▻ Get up to a $250 in Digital Currency: ▻ $25 of Bitcoin when you …


  1. Stock is the oldest online market we have done in the past years, We employ it because of the highest quality services it renders and how successful it is, today we now say crypto currency too, I'm just saying that people should develop the habit of investing. it's really helpful in life

  2. Absolutely transformational. It's insane how much free knowledge is out there and I'm so happy you put this on my radar. Now I know what to do with the yolo TSLA calls 🙂

  3. This video should have millions of views. One of the best financial youtubers . No nonsense , no hype, nose to the grindstone financial education. Tipping hat.

  4. Can you elaborate on 13:12 "borrow and not pay it off"? since you only buy and never sell, and you keep borrowing and never pay it off, do you mean just let them liquidate your assets? or do you mean you pay them off from dividend/rent/cashflows from your assets? if you do have to pay it back with those cashflows, what's the point of borrowing in the first place? this is one important point I don't understand from this "buy, borrow die" strategy.

  5. Hey Andrei. Love your videos! Can you help me answer a question? If the ultrawealthy are living off of borrowed money and don't have traditional taxable income, what do they do to pay back these loans? If their wealth is in assets, they would theoretically have to sell them to pay back the loans, which means paying capital gains tax plus the loan interest, right? Do they just hold the loan until death and never pay it back? Are there no tine limits on these loans? I can't wrap my head around this.

  6. FYI the ELOC ur talking about is really only available through FAs, which the online finance community seems to hate. The only brokerages that I see that does this for retail investors are Schwab and M1 finance, but Schwab’s rate is kinda bad and M1 Finance have a pretty bad maintenance rate when compared to the ELOC that FAs provide.

  7. What I don’t understand at what point are you just getting into more debt because your borrowing more debt? How do you assess if leveraging an asset is a good ideal?

  8. It's been a long day so something about this I'm struggling with if anyone wants to comment. How would I use this strategy in the form of using it to retire? What I mean by that is let's say I have a million dollars worth of assets, and then I go and I do a home equity line of credit or something similar against that asset. Now I have a loan so that I can support my life in retirementEtc but I have to pay that loan back. If I'm in retirement I technically do not have an income outside of my retirement accounts or ss so how do I pay this back when I don't have an income

  9. Always buys, never sells, but gets to afford a million dollar house in Vegas paid for in cash. With what income? YouTube only?
    Had to sell some assets or be in a ton of debt for that house.

  10. Real Estate is such a popular investment for many because not only are the rates low but because the rental tenants pay off that same loan plus additional profit. So essentially you have property appreciation, profit on the tenant, tax write off opportunities, and loan restructuring opportunities built into the system to take your equity profits right out and do it all over again. 1 of the only low risk high reward assets out there. I honestly can’t believe Andre paid cash for his house. That’s just silly lol.

  11. Andre, I currently have crypto a d stocks in Robinhood, gemini (your recommendation) and coinbase. I have no experience staking and not sure how that works also I would like to be able to live off of the interest of my investments and also shld open a Roth Ira such as icapital. Can you pls do a video on how to do these things exactly? I absolutely love your videos and constantly share them with my family and friends. Thank you for helping everyday people with insite on how to obtain financial freedom.

  12. Andrei, huge fan and I appreciate the nerdy finance videos lol , but can anyone tell me if Robinhood is actually considered assets where you can borrow against , or do your stocks need to be on more, federally insured brokerage account like vanguard or td ameritrade? I use Robin hood, and want to take a loan of 60% my portfolio to pay off my truck at a lower interest and less monthly payment, but am not sure if i can use robin hood or if i need to transfer my positions to a different brokerage

    first time ever asking a question is there a better way to ask your question or to go over my portfolio? what is discord and should i start using the platform, anyone's advice would be nice

  13. This is really very good information! But a question is which banks gives security based loans? A google shows articles about it but not the banks that offers them! Any recommendations to check?

  14. Andrei is doing really well as a millionaire, i haven't seen his channel in a while – now that i see him, he gained weight…which means steak and eggs for him for breakfast…he doing really good.

  15. Andrei, appreciate you make a video talk about how a full time trader like manage their monthly essential expenses without selling their asset to survive. Seems a interesting question people are wondering😄

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