Elon Musk Making ElonCoin To VS DogeCoin ⚠️

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  1. 51 BILLION DOGE WERE TRADED IN THE LAST 24 HOURS. this is 50% of the amount of all coins in accounts that have not been lost. i dont know if whales are the problem. their accounts are hardly changing at all. perhaps problem is machines trading the same coins multiple times

  2. Now I believe this saying that never give up one striving. I got scammed 4 times this year, until I make over anoint $5k with MASTERHUSTHACKER on IG

  3. Bro your getting cat-fished, Stay focused on Dogecoin. The whales gonna be whales and Elon will have to either accept that or move on. Dogecoin is the people’s currency we don’t need Elon. If he’s a supporter great! But if he creates a coin and it hurts Dogecoin, I will not support. It actually will turn me off to Elon in general.

  4. it also means that this channel has been completely wrong! lol and if that the case the value of all beside bit coin and eth has no value

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