DON'T Sleep on BNB (The Delicious DeFi Powerhouse)

Binance is a project that’s been in the news recently. If a crypto exchange is headquartered on the internet and there’s no one around to regulate it, can it be …


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  2. Binance is key to the crypto ecosystem. It is an easy target. BSC is also more democratic than ETH with lower gas fees, innovation, easy to use platform, etc. BNB will survive and Binance will adjust to regulatory requirements. Hopefully Coinbase and US authorities will fail in killing Binance.

  3. almost all of the asian people are using binance and truly believe in it, so i think whatever happens, bnb will still go up in the long run because of its utilities,and limited supply and one day they will overcome the regulations and become one of the greatest company like apple and amazon in the future

  4. Well the can always make it very hard to transfer FIAT to Exchanges and back to your bank accounts!
    Look at UK, fortunaly there are ways, and there will always be ways.
    As it says! "A thief is allways 1 step ahead of the law". Clerifying in this case we´r not breaking our constitutional laws. We´re breaking Banskters and the Elits laws…
    I Want madame Guillioutine, and I want her to start chopping, chop chop, oops but aint this communism? or is it just power to the people and creation of a new "real" democracy?

  5. I've never had any problems with binance. The only problem is when the US forced us to use stupid ass Binance US. This is an attack on Binance. They are gonna push the crypto space to go fully decentralized soon so we won't have to deal with these problems. Decentralized exchanges are the future. Coinbase can stick their crazy fees up their hole.

  6. I have been using Binance US for over the past year with no problem. I opened Binance US to make a trade and everything was gone. When I contacted them they stated " we shoe no record of you or your acct. I guess I could say goodbye to the 14k I had in my account. So wrong!!!

  7. Im Holding staking and buying more BNB.
    Very user friendly and price is holding for the most part better than the general market.
    And its still the biggest.
    So far all the FUD at the same time as a shaky market hasn't had much effect at all.
    Says good things about BnB when the market fires up again.

  8. Hey guys check out Polywhirl, going to be like tornado cash on polygon, launching in the next week. It’s a great way to detach your identity from your wallet, Privacy will be incredibly important In defi.

    There’s also massive passive income earning potential for stakers on this platform. Stakers receive 80% of the protocols fees and 20% is used to buy and burn tokens. Tornado cash has had 1.6 million etherium run through its platform in just under a year 👀

  9. Definitely need to hear more on this subject. BNB was my largest holding. I bought a big bag when it was only $14. I never expect it to moon the way it did because I was putting all my efforts into buying Bitcoin back then and only saw bnb as a way to get cheap prices trading as Coinbase fees were ripping people off. Two years after the last crash, I was surprised to see I had a giant bag of bnb in my Binance account I had forgotten about and still hold a good bit which is currently staked in my trust wallet. I don’t believe Binance will go anywhere. Fed FUD.

  10. If you're looking for a bsc defi project check out PINKPANDA, DYOR Read the white paper and roadmap, things are being done and targets hit, 25% up this weekend in this market.

  11. i'm based in the uk and i can still buy and sell and stake.. nothing has changed..havent tried withdrawing yet but i plan on transferring everything on my ledger anyway

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