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  1. 8btc and still counting in just 2 months , Expert Elizabeth A Palmer is the trade queen as far I'm concerned.
    This woman has really change the life of many people from different countries and l'm a testimony of her trading platform.

  2. I see your losing subscribers well Matt you think you sit higher then u did before but let me show you that it is just an illusion ok follow me you have hurt and helped a lot of people. But you have hurt way more so sit back and enjoy the show don’t let your ego get in the way 😀 have a good day Matt

  3. Dodgecoin is not gonna go anywhere
    Dodgecoin is going to sleep on this price
    For a long time
    Dodgecoin used to be popular
    Dodgecoin Developers they are not doing anything except Making money themselves
    They're not even trying To help Dodgecoin

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