Dogecoin CRASH ATTEMPT Forming ⚠️

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  1. Early retirement is a dream.. I got to understand that I have to be at the end of my life to enjoy time freedom.. let's hustle to financial independence

  2. Dear friend
    In the previous comments about
    Getting involved in the Shiba inu coin
    I forgot to mention that I am holding
    To my 500 doge coin but you see
    500 doge coin would help but not much money due to 11 surgery my wife had on her eyesight due to severe glaucoma problems I had to sell many of the coins to pay for deductible I'm talking about 1000's
    Of $$ I don't have much in nether one 500 doge coin & 25000000 Shiba inu coin I'm hoping 🙏 to
    For financial miracle or maybe just
    Fantasizing other than that with my age in my 60 & working As low level tech doing Assembly I'm just tired of chasing the rainbow All my wife and I have is hoping to pay off the bills so to speak & keep the roof over our heads I'm still big fan of your videos I really appreciate what you doing keep up the good work 👏

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  4. Investing in Doge now while Blockchain is in it's structural building era is not a good idea. The trend now is a great Layer 1 network protocol, NFT, advance defi (like Terra) and gaming metaverse coin. I see no real use case for Doge in this time compare to other great projects.

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