Deflation Is Coming. Will It KILL Bitcoin? (Bull Run Over?)

Inflation has been on everyone’s mind for the past several years and predictions of run away inflation happen every day. We’ve already seen inflation this year …


  1. If deflation happens that's cause of lower consumer spending which effects GDP and my other economic indicators. That's more of a reason to have bitcoin cause deflation will cause a market crash and investors will go towards safe assets.

  2. Just think about it: How long would a deflationary policy survive if the economy collapses? No sane government would drive the US into a deep crisis just for the sake of seeing some deflation. A rising dollar valuation is worthless if people are losing their jobs and companies are collapsing.

  3. Sorry Bitboy, but a real dollar deflation seems completely utopian. No sane central-banker would drive a country into a deflationary unemployment crisis. Realistically, I expect a low inflation over the upcoming years.

  4. The dollar would increase in value if the 'printing' slows to less than its ongoing exponential creation due to any debt implosion (debt is an asset to the lender) as debtors scrounge for relatively scarcer dollars to service their debts. I would be cautious with lending crypto in such a liquidity crisis.

  5. i cant see why Cardano wouldn't 100X with smart contracts and everything. there is no way I cant reach 100 to 1000x but even if it just goes to $30 a pop ill stage it 😀

  6. No he's completely wrong this fatty . Deflation is what the fed and the usa econmomy don't want , the whole system comes down with deflation, prices come down because there is no demand. Left to it's own devices the econmomy would be in a deflationary state , the whole point of stimulating the econmony and spending money on infrastructure like whst biden is doing is to smilulate the econmomy , thus printing more money , causing inflation . If they stop printing money, and supporting the bond market, and mortgage securities then the econmomy would collapse . In that scenario bitcoin would do well as we would be in a depression worst than the 1930s, and there would be no where else to go. But this won't happen for a while, the fed will kick the csn down the road like 2008 and keep printing money and letting the econmony run hot causing higher inflstion higher inflation. The reason 2008 crisis we didn't get cpi inflation hgh was because the QE was going to the banks to bail them out , and instead of cpi inflstion we got asset inflation with the amount of cheap free money ,,and corporations buying bsck their own stocks . Now is different, the money is going into the real econmomy not just banks, equaling inflation . If the fed wanted to cause deflation they would just higher interest rates to combat inflstion like they did in the 1980s, but they won't put them up to anything like what they did then because it will bring the econmomy down, they are talking like 0.5% or something stupid , it was 20% at one point in the soon as they get a whiff of deflation then they will QE, this guy needs to get a education, he knows Jack shit about economics .

  7. Ben, earlier this year you said the bull run would end for btc in sept 28/29 of this year 2021 and 1 or 2 months later for alt coins. Since this bull run is different when do you think it would end now?

  8. 🤔 nothing to worry about… a lot of pepole have said … this is it for bitcoin now bitcoin will die…
    Bitcoin will be gone soon
    Bitcoin is just a bubble…
    😉 years later 2021 we still buy and hold btc nothing to worry about btc will never go away , just keep holding them btc 👍

  9. Oh well, Bitboy will be proven wrong at the end of September and early October for his end of Bull Run top-up euphoria prediction! mid-December will be the blow-off top of this bull run! BTC 99k, Eth 10K, Ada 6$, Xrp 4$, Sol 800$, Dot 300$ and Bch 6K.

  10. I dont exactly understand this, because if the USA dollar is worth more, so when compared to bitcoin, bitcoin will be worth less, but still If I trade in CAD, then it will still be the same since I don't hold USD?

  11. This channel has so much ego it's off putting. Everybody blows hot air up each other on this channel….Big headed, delusional at times, thinks he is always right and changes his story all the time…Not the largest channel as he claims…Coin Bureau so much more balanced, intellectual, humble, believable, interesting…He claims insider knowledge all the time; anyone who says that is just trying to manipulate the mkt and people's decision making. And sooo defensive on XRP it's unhealthy..

  12. The more I hear your Crypto forecasts the less I believe what you have to say.
    Your predictions suck, because you have NO inside information.
    You’re nothing more than an Entertainer on YouTube…..

  13. Ben thinks having more and more followers (that he also buys), makes him more smarter. He thinks he knows everything about crypto, but he has a crypto channel for noobs and a year ago he admitted in video's he just understands the basics and now suddenly he's an crypto expert!

  14. WOW you can tell bitboy has no idea how the stock market works lol tells you to buy coins down 50% but says buying during a stock market crash will rek you lol

  15. BITCOIN is useless! therefore worthless. its only a matter of time before the truth can no longer be denied. Bitcoin HAS NO USE anymore. bitcoin was the worst currency to elsalvador to pick up

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