Crypto Sets New Records TODAY! ( F1 Abu Dhabi Race Giveaway)

Fortune favors the brave, and if you’ve been in crypto for a while now, this phrase very much applies to you. It’s a phrase championed recently by, …


  1. He doesn’t know shit people. Cro will flip Bitcoin. And stop listening to these YouTube idiots saying wait to buy when it drops. Cro will never go under $.75 again. You heard it here first. These dummies don’t even mention cronos. That’s the whole reason cro will be the world’s currency in the end and will be backed by the untied state’s government as the one, not XRP or any of these other to me SHIT coins!!

  2. Whenever you sell a coin on thier platform, you never get the amount of money stated, it's always significantly less, eventhough it says there is no fee for the transaction. They say its due to the fluctuations in price action but even when you sell in a STRONG up trend, you will ALWAYS end up getting less money 100% of the time. You will never sell and end up with more than what was originally stated, its ALWAYS less. Therefore their reasoning does not make any technical or logical sense.
    They are simply taking millions of people for idiots and stealing millions in revenue.

  3. Dude let's be real. U pumped and dumped 20+ coins using YouTube last year. It's how u made
    Your fortune. Your not a investing guru. I respect the hustle. But be real.

  4. Bit Boy your good man and have great heart!! Don't let haters get to you. Your true all day long. People just hate ya cause they aint ya)) Bit Boy and family have great show and share valuable information! Much love to you guys!

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