BXS Announces Launch of Innovative Digital Currency Analysis Platform

This new service is the latest innovation from BXS, a longtime leader in the data analytics and reporting space for the capital markets industry. BXS is now looking to take their expertise from traditional asset classes such as Equities and Options and apply their 20+ years of niche experience to alternative assets, namely cryptocurrency.

This product is powered by BXS’ scalable, proprietary Digital Best Bid and Offer (DBBO) which is formulated by consolidating all trading data from the largest global Cryptocurrency Exchanges along with top cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others.

Commenting on the launch, Michael Post, Executive Vice President at BXS, said: “We are very excited with the outcome of this product. Our team has been working diligently on this project by exploring the marketplace, nuances in data and the fragmentation of executing venues. Our DCA Platform is ready to empower any digital market participant that is looking to unlock a multitude of competitive advantages.”

The tool demonstrates BXS’ ability to leverage their knowledge and expertise and apply it to the new reality of investable asset trading. This is critical in light of the proliferation of alternative assets and the ever-changing investment landscape.

About BXS

BXS is a trade data analytics firm that builds cutting-edge technology to deliver high-performance software solutions and powerful market insights to broker-dealers, buy-side firms, hedge funds, market centers, and individual traders. BXS focuses on providing Best Execution tools, trading analytics and surveillance software across a range of asset classes, which enable market participants to meet a variety of reporting obligations while also unlocking competitive advantages. Founded in 2015 by the team that helped shape the modern equites reporting landscape and built on a robust modular platform, BXS combines made-to-measure solutions with exceptional client service, enabling a streamlined, highly intuitive process that minimizes cost.

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