Bitcoin Proves The Haters Wrong (Top Crypto Makes Millions for Hodlers)

Bitcoin has had a scary good run over the past few weeks, with haunting BTC ETF approval news and price action that could make you scream! Today’s Bitcoin …


  1. looking at the current rate of Bitcoin I started investing my Bitcoin with Darkcyber_spy on Instagram and now am earning every week i will forever appreciate your corporation for keeping up your promises you made God bless you

  2. Don’t ever think you are not having an impact on the general public, I appreciate all the time you put in to the content, has been an inspiration. Be blessed from down under

  3. If you're going claiming to be the xrp leader help are community and get us to get 100,000 people on John deaton's lawsuit all they need to hold is one xrp to join

  4. Honestly, I don't trust Ben's predictions anymore.

    Who remembers him saying that BTC would never go lower than $47k ever again, and the bullmarket peak would be around 300k? Now he says that 100k is the limit.

    He also stated months ago that Ethereum's peak would be around 27k in this cycle, and now says it will be 10k. Remember the eth Valentine's meme?

    He kept supporting the bullmarket golden ratio theory, and went as far as to say that the bullmarket peak would around the end of September, and used deflation as argument! LOL!

    Now he has been talking about the SEC lawsuit with Ripple and being a moonboy for months… Gave us plenty of dates and… NOTHING!

    He also said that BTC ETF wouldn't happen this year, according to his "insider info".

    What a joke.

  5. What about the people you have helped lose money? You arent here for the money but to help the people? Why the hell are you promoting gambling? Even minors have access to your gambling promotions. You are cancer to this industry pumping your own bags, you bully your opinions on other people and you get aggressive abusive about it. I hope the SEC come after you

  6. Ben, you’re losing your enthusiasm, your puns are so-so, and the delivery is strained – take a vacation and come back with some more believable goofiness mixed with some actionable investment data, like that which made you famous. Without entertainment, crypto, though quite useful, is boring. Let’s make crypto goofy again. 🤠

  7. Everyone was buying more XRP bc you said the SEC case against Ripple was over in September. You have lost all credibility! A honest person who goes to Church would address this. There is nothing wrong admitting that you were not right on this. But avoiding this issue is going to cause you to loose a lot of subscribers.

  8. Any comments about your Statement on another video that the SEC case against Ripple is over in September? It seems you have been avoiding this.

  9. What happened to YFDAI finance ???????? How much money you got paid back then to talk Abt it …. Why were you propogating it soo much……. Do you know any thing absolutely any thing Abt crypto ????????

  10. It is a good thing that there is plenty of resourceful ways to mine bitcoin. My question is irrelevant but, why are production plants not forced to do the same? Anyways, I am glad China is not a miner hub anymore. We keep it more decentralized.

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