Bitcoin: New ATH incoming and all the Crypto/Stock News you need $TSLA $MSTR $FB

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  1. I wonder how many bitcoin are going to be lost in the future with people loosing their passwords, not passing on their login details to family members if they die, forgetting about their small bitcoin holdings. I agree James, it is such a pristine asset that is just going to keep getting rarer and rarer.

  2. Note to James on sleep patterns – lack of sleep was the key cause of Margaret Thatcher's demise into fatal brain dementia. Lack of sleep – especially lack of REM dream sleep – is a prime factor in developing Alzheimers and other brain-destroying disorders.

  3. What platform do you use to run slides and mesh with the video? I've used OBS but like how your content flows. And of course, fantastic content as always!

  4. 12:16 STOP saying that BTC is the great equalizer. It is not. That train has gone!
    It left in the spring if 2020.
    Every day forward now it is going to be exponentially more difficult to accumulate any meaningful amount of BTC. The time of the astronomical growth from year to year is long gone. Only very rich people will become wholecoiners from now on.

  5. James, you are so kind to share an entire lifetime of knowledge and experience in the financial space. You should be streamed into schools all over the world 🌎 congrats everyone on BTC ATH. Well-deserved.

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