Bitcoin Censorship Resistance (Crypto Can't Be Cancelled)

One of Bitcoin’s most important features is censorship resistance. Bitcoin might be the only thing more censorship-resistant than our channel. What doesn’t kill us …


  1. Scammers are getting much worse guys. They are now using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMS. They are scammers 100%. I do not have anyone who trades for me and manages others money. Be careful!

  2. Why do you think it’s not possible for governments to create scaffolding in frameworks and proxies for cryptocurrency payments? They can KYC everybody, right?

    Given your airplane example, if airlines are allowed to except cryptocurrency, couldn’t they be forced to make sure that the cryptocurrency they’re receiving comes from a verified account, where that verification came from the government? And if that verified account had committed an offense, couldn’t attend be prevented from purchasing that airline ticket?

    We have so much Censorship for free speech on the Internet, which was supposed to be censorship resistant, right?

    If you want to see how bad things can be, you have to sing from the level and perspective, not from the optimist perspective. The optimist perspective won’t give you the Dark side.

  3. I really liked the video and thank you! Bitcoin is a great currency, and that is why I would like you to also see

    what #DeepOnion offers and what it can bring to the cryptocurrency market since one of the characteristics of its $ Onion coin is precisely its steel privacy and security.

  4. New subscriber here. I heard you got censored by Youtube. You must be speaking truth otherwise they wouldn't bother. Stay strong man, we have to band together against the censorship and the powers that be trying to take our freedom. NOT IN THIS COUNTRY! GOD BLESS THE USA!!! WE WILL NEVER COMPLY! WE WILL ALWAYS BE FREE AND FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!

  5. Legit question:

    Why don’t I see more Bitcoin Maxis pushing Monero? You like proof of work? It’s proof of work (and a better one at that). You want privacy? Well it’s Monero so, need I say more?

    I see different crypto communities touting their coins and why their favourite coin is the best. Sometimes it’s just preference (proof of work over proof of stake or vice versa, decentralization, fees, etc.)

    It just seems to me that Monero does what Bitcoin does but even better. Am I wrong or am I missing something?

  6. Impressive. The most important video I've seen from BitBoy so far. So frustrating to hear others say "Regulations are short-term FUD but necessary and a good thing long-term" or "I don't mind doing KYC…" Very naïve and simplistic views. This is going to be a fight! Nothing less than the ultimate fight for freedom.

  7. crypto future point is lost, point of crypto was freedom and runing from this devils banks….now what? im kinda locked in my country cuz of some mad politicians and i cant leave, im locked from out of my country cuz us want bullying , now i cant buy crypto in binance , what a shame for #CZ #binance , what a shame for this world , people always will burn cuz of this banking system and politicians for ever……. this is shame for crypto world actually , lol crypto without freedom …. What a Joke………
    @CZ @binance

  8. Bitboy knows his crypto. That means you also need to know your crypto. Knowledge is power. Use that knowledge agains the corrupted. The more people know how this technology works the sooner It can take over these thieves banks.

  9. Remember this, Politics is a pendulum so what the left implement today will come under control of the right at some point and vice versa.

  10. Exactly what they are planning , letting us believe crypto is freedom of economy and then will make a macanisem to control it and take our money , same like they did with facebook , from freedom of speech to a mass control tool .

  11. I believe Bitcoin was created by SAmsung, TOSHIba, NAKAmichi, MOTOrola.
    The goal is disputable. Each technology can be used in good and evil.
    One the one hand, white hats could have launched it to use cryptos in the coming Quantum Financial System. However, bad guys in governments and corporations will seek to track us down even stronger. If I understand Vechain correctly, then it will be extremely helpful in tracking everything and everyone (keeping records of the vaccinated – latest case) . Don't you find it strange that VET is the only crypto allowed in China (doesn't it sound like WeChat?).

    XRP also feels fishy – this SEC case looks pre-planned for me. This is how Ripple got a lot of attention and support of those who are against banksters (though it's banks who will use Ripple, while there's a more functional technology by Apollo FinTech).

  12. You can technically own bitcoin as much as you own your own thoughts and memories, with a brain wallet, there is no other asset you can own as much as you can own BTC. TRUE ownership.

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