How To Protect Crypto / Investments | Lawyer Tells You Legal Structure You Need

In this Legal Brief, Attorney Jeremy Hogan tells you the “why, how and where” of protecting your Crypto and other investments. RELATED VLOGS: Lawyer …


  1. Hey Jeremy. Thanks so much for this video, clear and straightforward…I do have a question..As far as an LLC for investment purposes only, doesn't my LLC have to be registered to the state I live in?

  2. Do you have any advice for how to get a registered agent if I create my LLC in New Mexico? I live in CA and I need a registered agent who live in NM, correct? Thanks for all you do. Videos are great!

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  4. Most attorneys are shit, except for this wonderful guy. Thank you sir. I know lots of money, is a breeding ground for brain damage.

  5. What damages can be recovered when an elected official calls you on the phone to tell you to keep your mouth shut about his crimes? while he was under investigation by a grand jury, my family and I are tired of being terrorized here on floriduh

  6. That’s all fine and dandy if your starting from “scratch”. Asking for a friend, What if they already have an LLC and EIN incorporated in a state other than NM or DE and they have been purchasing crypto using non-performing business cash from the balance sheet? He might need to reach out you, for a fee, to clear things up or to put a finer point on the business structure to reduce their exposure. Please let me know what to tell him or the best way to reach you.

  7. Hey mate i am a full time carpenter by trade, and have invested good amounts of money into shares and crypto currency im wondering if i can claim my computer expenses on taxes if my crypto/shares are considered as taxable income right? I bought and use my computer to trade

  8. Thank you very much for this.
    For me, as a non-American not subject to US taxation (I think), and living in Japan (permanent resident) the legal process for non-US citizens / residents to set up an LLC to manage crypto investments gets complicated quickly.

    If you have a recommended site or resource where more info can be found, it would be welcome.
    Arigoto gozaimasu. 🙇

  9. HI, Quick question: A friend wants to leave me 9 Ethereum coins when he passes away. Now will I need a crypto attorney to have it put in writing? I heard that you cannot leave in a traditional will.
    Thanks you.

  10. I've heard that Wyoming is another good state in which to incorporate, is that true ? Thanks for the GREAT vids !

  11. Hello, I have crypto investments. I like to leave some of my investment in a inheritance to a close friend in my will. Is a LLC a good way too? Could you direct me how the best way 
    to leave them my crypto investments in my will. Thanks

  12. ok so i have a question. as someone new to crypto who is only investing a little bit in it to start, is this something i should just worry about later? after i have made money? or is it something that i must do before i start investing in crypto

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