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  1. Dogecoin is getting accepted by more businesses every day and will eventually overtake all crypto. Get in now while its low, because it will blowup guaranteed!

  2. Matt, Robinhood should come out with an announcement that they will come out with a high Doge staking percentage and then come out with wallets at the same time to make people feel better about them to leave the doge there. What you think?

  3. As a person that has accepted Christ as my Savior, I am very excited to see a currency that appears to be leading to a one-world currency. Revelations talks about the Anti-Christ, after 3 1/2 years into the tribulation, will make everyone accept the mark of the beast to buy food etc…I have always heard there would probably need to be a one-world currency for that to happen. Well it is now happening. I am just glad I will be gone in the rapture before this happens.

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  5. Just bought another 1k Doge. saweeeeeet!🪐 💫 ⭐️ 🌟 ✨ ⚡️ ☄️ 💥 🔥 And ….. 1 billion in Ryoshi. hehe-dont miss out fam! Just released! Ez thru trust wallet and shiba swap:)

  6. What if we Doge holders started taking our business away from the Walmart's and AMC's of the world? What if we shopped in mediums that are smaller and more likely to accept it sooner. In other words, Crypto and Doge holders avoid Amazon, Walmart, AMC etc. Aside from voting for politicians that support crypto maybe would should only financially "vote" for business's that take crypto??? We can ask all we want but if we withhold our money from them they will listen!!!! Let's reward business that do accept crypto and punish those that don't. The power of the wallet is very strong.

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