Bitcoin Becoming World's Most Powerful Currency (BTC ETF APPROVED!)

In this video we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest of the altcoin and cryptocurrency markets. Watch behind the scenes HERE!


  1. I didn’t know you were a good ol’ GA boy! Nice! It makes sense now. Assholes of a feather flock together! JKJK, not on the show at least but I’m pretty sure now you definitely got it in yah. Thank you for all you do

  2. Shiba I don’t care how they got into crypto but I’m glad they came . It’s bringing excitement and new money to the space . They don’t care about the technology in crypto or technical analysis. It’s the possibilities that crypto brings to the checking account. Life changing money generational wealth. I listened to all the guru doge is a crap coin … crap coin no this no that yada yada whelp mean while I’m sitting on sidelines missed the quick money train . That doge run 🏃‍♀️ changed my aunts life . She sold some doge bought better projects in crypto . She loves and learned about crypto in a positive way…

  3. SHIB isn't 1 quadrillion any more. It is closer to 550 Trillion. In April the anonymous SHIB creator Ryoshi gave 500TR to Vitalik B (weak publicity stunt), who soon after trashed 90% in a burn wallet, saying he "didn't want the power". VB gave the rest to a Covid19 charity associated with Polygon. Strange but true. Also, there are rumbling among the Shibbies that mass burns will take place to shrink the supply.

  4. U follow u and ur advice but why didn’t u put akon on the channel without doing research about his coin he was trying to put out he done a interview and said the a koin isn’t the investment when asked if people should buy his coin that his city and the company’s that are building the city is the investment so basicly saying his coin is bullshit

  5. Don't know how many of 1.29 million are naive/innocent and how many are just plain idiots who listen to you for Crypto knowledge:):):) There is a 3rd category to which I belong that watches you for pure comedy but this category is not part of the 1.29 Million as they have either never subscribed to this channel or people like me who initially did but then realized you just shoot in the dark so unsubscribed:):):) But you are funny though:):):)

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