Binance Day Trading EXPLAINED – How to Day Trade Crypto for Beginners

Learn to Day Trade Crypto with this Beginner Trading Video. Day Trading BTC XRP or ALT coins in Binance for beginners. Binance for US-Residents …


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  3. So u also actually did not show how u r actually doing it! There is a tone of same exact videos out there saying exact same thing. But there is not a single person actually buying anything. That is like having cooking show where u make pizza and u just talk about pizza. Humungus DISLIKE

  4. Just opened an account, all this is so foreign to me, I have covid … so I’ve got time to learn and this was very informative… I love that you gave dictionary definitions of terms in the video, it actually makes it easier to understand forrealzzz

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  7. I'm sure this has been mentioned before but this is charting in hindsight.

    If you did this live how would or could you determine when it would bounce off the bottom band? There are some areas where it's hit the bottom of the lower band but has tumbled. For a beginner trader I would be freaking out if that was happening

    How would you change this video with 2 years of experience?

  8. This is actually a wrong way of using the Bollnger Bands and the creator of Bollinger Bands said that himself. This is a volume indicator showing us when the volume is calm (Bollinger Bands squeeze). If it worked that way as shown in the video, we all would have been millioners long time ago.

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