The BEST Crypto Investment? || Watch Before April 14th

The BEST Crypto Investment? Coinbase is hitting the public market on Wednesday, April 14th — Don’t miss it! Let me know your thoughts on Coinbase in a …


  1. Loved this!
    In Ethereum since 2017 at 55$!
    Litecoin since 25$ Also, Decentraland has more than doubled in the last couple months since I bought at .33.

  2. you all need to stop useing webull ! They are the same like robinhood! All your data and orders goes through citadell ! Its hurting the cause! look at the quartely reports from webull !

  3. Another crypto I won't be able to trade perhaps? I wonder where it will be available. All that is available on my apps are bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, ethereum classic, litecoin, as far as I know

  4. Might wanna checkout TRX (Tron), JUST, SUN, and BTT. All run by the same guy (Justin Sun, Followed on Twitter by the Winklevoss Twins and Dave Portnoy). It's all undervalued and Literally corners every element of the crypto market (High lvl investors, Defi, Currency, dapps, tech/multi-media, NFTs)

  5. Matt, take a look at Voyager Digital. OTC competitor to CoinBase, much much much much more attractive valuation. I think of Voyager as the Shopify compared to Amazon, but in the crypto space.

  6. Just fired up a couple mining rigs. Worth it. My kids computers are paying themselves off in BTC. Moving on Coinbase. Thanks, this space ape appreciates it…

  7. I hate myself for letting my "stock" friend talk me into selling my BTC from 17k. I'm not missing this Coinbase train. If you're breaking a rule, we want to too. Thanks for the info. This will Probably be the only IPO besides RBLX I'm actually excited to hold long term.

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